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Traditional Wooden Toys - Natural wooden toys for children

HayWud is a producer of Wooden Warriors, made from sustainable, eco-friendly wood. We used no dyes, stains or finishes on any of the pieces and just allowed the raw wood finish to show through.


There are a wide variety of ancient warriors throughout time with each gaining a reputation for their unique approach to battle. As a designer having a more playful flair, this inspired me to create our Wooden Warriors line. One year of experimentation, a huge variety of sustainable hardwoods, developmental processes, and encouragement from a bright, imaginative 8 year old named Leo, resulted in a multitude of designs I’m really excited about.



Our collection is a great mixture of wood varieties, trying to get the most impact out of several combinations. We used no dyes, stains or finishes on any of the pieces and just allowed the raw wood finish to show through.


caveman warrior

The Cro-Magnon man left no written history nor stories past down through time. Just simple stick figures found on the back of cars. Caveman comes with a spear and a wood club to defend against others who may want to take his spear.



Modeled after Miyamoto Musashi, our Japanese Warrior offers simple, quiet study. Miyamoto was renowned even today for his unique, double bladed swordsmanship and a lifetime of undefeated duels. Our swordsman holds two katana style swords and stands silent and calm, awaiting his next battle. Each figure has a special mechanical device which allows the head to rotate freely.


Inspired by one of the most legendary figures of the Old West was Wild Bill Hickok. Like Hickok, our Warrior is a gunfighter, gambler and grand marksman with a gun. Like Wild Hickok you will find him branding both a six-shooter and rifle.



Across the European world stormed the Crusader with a blade and a mission to defend the Holy Land. Our warrior is shown without his shield as he left it back at camp.


Our Pirate Warrior is inspired after Black Beard, who sailed in what is known as the Golden Age of Piracy, sailing the Queen Ann throughout the Caribbean Sea in the 18th century. Maritime Pirates were Warriors who plundered the ships at sea all the way back to the Viking Era with reputations spread through fear and admiration. Our Pirate Warrior comes with a cutlass and sword.


One of the most successful of all Warriors, the Vikings were seafarers and explorers. Our Warrior is Borr the Viking, a far, far distant cousin to Erik the Red, probably. Borr thought of killing as more of a habit and was banished from several countries because of his cruel deeds. Borr comes with one magnet placed to hold his mallet and another, his shield.