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Natural Toys - Traditional wooden toys for children

HayWud studio News about our wooden products made from sustainable, eco-friendly wood. We create modern products that inspire a sense of humor.


Glen hay

We had the best experience over the last few months selling our DogWood collection on Kickstarter. It was a great learning experience going through the process as well as getting wonderful suggestions on what people are asking for. The one area we were not able to deliver on was a black puppy. Since the eyes are black and the body would be black I don't know how this would work but now I want to go figure it out. The other area I wasn't too keen on was the logistics of shipping. I spent most of that time stressing about the possibility of mixing up an order. Not fun at all.


Below are several pictures showing the making of, for those interested.


Glen hay

Take a look at my three stop motion videos I made just for fun. My first.

Stop Motion Puppies


My new Puppy

Glen hay

I've been working on a new set of animals starting with a Dog and Cat. I thought that if I can pull that off, well... This set of images show the detail cuts needed for the dog's ears. cut, sand, cut, sand, cut, sand. I'm going for a limit of 50 each but may work this up to one hundred if I finish early. The next set of images show where his eye patch will be. The prototype I made was done using walnut but I may change it up to be Mahogany since walnut tends to go darker with beeswax applied. I was looking for his eye to pop a bit more. I hope you like.

Now I see you

Glen hay

A quick post to show how the eyes are added to a character. This guy is going to be part of a car but I am still working out the design elements. He looks so sad without the mouth or other details yet to be added.

Wood Resource

Glen hay

A few have asked where I purchase wood. The wood I can find reclaimed or salvaged I get from Wood Board & Beams in Fairview NJ. For the more exotic types I rely on Bellforest Products. If you are looking for one specific type of wood you may find it cheaper elsewhere but I tend to buy a variety at a time and have found Bellforest to come in with the lower prices, especially after including the shipping fees.

Thanks for reading.

Working with Warriors

Glen hay

I've started making more of the Warriors with a production mind-set and have a box of arms ready to be cleaned up. Adding the magnets is the next step and making sure the polarity lines up properly, which is always my challenge since once a magnet goes in, it ain't comin' out.

Glen hay

Just a collection of wood types I've narrowed my use to. When I started I bought almost every wood type I could get my hands on and over time, have learned that some of the most beautiful do not keep their luster unless you keep it in a dark, air-tight box buried somewhere. Purples turn to brown. Yellows turn to brown. Even Brown turns to brown. So the wood types I've chosen may discolor over a long period of time, (Wood Database} at least mine will be far longer than most.