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Handmade Toys and Home Decor by Haywud Studio

HayWud Studio makes handmade toys and home decor from sustainable, eco-friendly wood. We create modern wooden toys that inspire a sense of humor.

Handmade wooden toys - Where Quality Matters


In order to make our handmade toys we use beautiful, sustainable wood in our pieces; wood you do not see used except in fine showrooms. We use exotics such as Wenge and Black Palm and marry them with American woods like Walnut and White Ash. Many of our figures use the strongest, Neodymium Magnets, placed in the arms as well as on most weapons. Both arms rotate on posts and the head contains a mechanical devise to allow them to rotate. Our Dogs and Soldiers are made with only a few mixtures of wood and use only wood posts for connectors. We use only Earth friendly premium hardwoods and wood glue. We use NO paints, dyes, or stains but let the natural wood show through. We may at times use Danish oil or Beeswax to enhance a wood grain.

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We had the opportunity recently to sell our Dogs and Puppies on Kickstarter and ran a successful campaign. Once the weather becomes a little warmer we have plans to launch another campaign selling a revised version of our Puppies with rotating heads.
 Look for our new campaign sometime in the mid summer months. We hope to again create enough inventory prior to the start to be able to ship as soon as it is over.

We are also extremely excited to introduce a new line of handmade toys; dolls we created, and in the next few months will be launching our new line titled Kiwi's Treehouse. It includes several woodland animals made using fabrics with various textures and wood bodies with painted faces. No visuals to show at this time since it is all hush-hush for now. More to come and we can't wait to share! Our new website has been secured and we are currently working up a logo and a few images of our animals. They include a Fox, Rabbit, Owl, and a Bear. All are handmade by me and sewn by hand as well. Goodbye for now.